Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Weekend away

We've been away in Somerset since Friday night. So far, so good. Have done the rounds and seen friends and family and it's been really nice. I just wish I had more energy so I could get up at 8, push myself around all day, look after my baby, travel to and from people for social stuff, hold it all together and still be able to spend more time with my husband instead of having to go to bed and straight to sleep because I'm knackered. Mostly I find it easier being at home with
Amelie at the moment than travelling away with her for a few days or more. I hope
I won't feel like this once we've had a bit more practice. The thing is, at home, i'm the boss. I know what needs doing and when. Granted, I have help
but ultimately, as 2 women, one of whom works for the other, things get done the way I need them and we both know it works well. When I'm away, I'm with my husband who I dearly love and respect but he has a different way of doing things and even after my days of list writing and organising pre trip, once we've been away 1 night things have been moved and I can't just tell him that I need X which is in the corner of such and
such a bag. That stresses me out as I really think it's easier
even for most able bods to know where stuff is so they don't waste time and get stressed looking for stuff, never mind when you throw a spinal injury and a 10 month old baby into the equation! More practice definitely needed, just hope that myself and AMP (Alpha Male Parent) can work this out. And no, that doesn't just equate to him saying 'yes dear'!


  1. Actually, I think it's easier if they do just say 'yes, dear'. Problem is, I always have a specific plan so even if she takes the initiative, it's bound to be wrong. Mostly, there is no point in bothering. I make the lists and just give out instructions really. As to weekends away being harder than being at home. Absolutely! It's always easier to be at home with your baby or small child where everything is there and you know that you have it and where it is. Kids always sleep better at home too, in their own beds. Travelling is a stress but I refuse to give it up (no choice living abroad). Max just has to get used to it and we have to get used to less sleep and being a bit more tired when away. Only exception for us, so far, has been long holidays. If you go away for 2 weeks, everyone gets used to it and you create a home from home, a holiday routine. Then it's fun and relaxing. Best to just try and relax really...says paranoid / neurotic mum extraordinaire!