Saturday, 1 May 2010

Out and about

Being out and about with Amelie is 2 things: 1. Hard work 2. A lot of fun
The getting out of the house routine seems, in general, to be easier, as we've got more organised, more adeft at coping with everything and we are doing it all the time. It took quite a lot of time to get there, but I feel mainly this part of things is sorted and it's less stressful, so that's great. The bit I feel we have to concentrate on now is me being confident with her when we are out and me finding ways to manage her better so I don't feel that I'm relinquishing some of my responsibility, allowing respective able bod to play a bigger part than I'd like as it's easier. It's much more difficult when we're out and about as equipment such as highchairs etc make it difficult to get a chair round because they are too low or too bulky or whatever, when we are invited to peoples houses, she gets put on the floor where I can't go etc. I feel that this in turn makes me look like I'm not actively participating in my daughter's development and like I'm not really all that bothered and am not in control. I am very aware that people might think that but more importantly that Amelie might start thinking that Mummy is more interested in having a nice time when she's out and that someone else can look after her needs. I guess I just need to be more patient with myself and persevere more even if I am very aware of how awkward it all looks to other people. I just have to get over that and know what is most important as we develop and grow together as a family.

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  1. I think children pick up on our intentions better than adults do. I'm sure your wee girl knows you'd love to be more rough and tumble, and will grow to adapt to meet you in the middle. It's important to realise she is not missing out; it's just a different way of playing. I have never been able to run; children would still beg to play chasing with me, even if I walked slowly, and then, they ran back and forth waiting to see if they could catch me. They love attention; it doesn't have to be always physical. Now am chair user, they think of me as someone convenient to sit on. All mum's wonder if they are doing enough. You sound like you are doing great! You're learning many many new skills with limited energy, and awkward heights to contend with. Your posts are honest and informative, and give courage and hope to others who are learning the lessons of parenting in an alternative manner : ).