Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bit more progress

I do like it when people make progress. It uplifts the spirit somewhat. As per last posting, I am trying to manage my reluctancy to look awkward when doing things with my child in public, so I can actively participate in all areas of her life. This includes feeding solids from a wheelchair to any highchair the respective visited venue deems fit for service. I fed her her dinner in a restaurant for the first time, swallowed my self awareness and got on with the feeding, only to find that we both really seemed to enjoy it and much fun was had by all involved. I've always had instances of feeling awkward since I became disabled, getting out of a car, having to have my food cut up in restaurants etc increase self awareness in a negative manner. I am now learning from my child that if I want to be hands on with her, I have to swallow my pride and dignity and just get on with it and be as hands on as possible as actually it's the best way forward for all concerned!

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  1. Am really glad you are feeling more positive now Rachel. It won't be long before she starts feeding herself and then, it'll only be the cleaner who has to worry about the mess..if you don't have one now then I recommend you get one!