Sunday, 30 May 2010

New challenges ahead

Been a bit under the weather last couple of weeks and find myself in bed today and y'day after having struggled through things for a while. Anyway, is nothing major but just makes the practicalities of family life more difficult.

Amelie is coming on a treat, clapping, shouting, eating lots, playing and learning every day. It is both a joy and a privilege to watch. She's refusing to crawl but is starting to stand hence the beginning of new, more independent horizons. I am waiting for it but don't think I can fully prepare myself until we're in the thick of it. Obviously there are things to do in preparation, like the safety at home stuff but managing it myself on a physical level and feeling capable in my management once she's properly on the move are things I'm hoping I will master,probably
proceeding a greater period of trial and error than most!

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