Thursday, 14 January 2010

Seems Amelie has enough balance now that she can sit on my knee and I can hold her with one arm and push my chair with the other. Just practising really. Is nice to have that closeness and feel a bit more secure and confident that she has enough stability not to go flying straight off. Sometimes I get a bit envious when I see other people pick her up and kind of get all comfy with her like they've been there from day 1. After all, what mother wants to have her daughter passed to her because she can't pick her up herself? Anyway. Enough of that. Still haven't been out :-( Our road still slushy/icy and not good.

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  1. Funny. Right now you are struggling with yourself at not being able to pick Amelie up and we are struggling with Max wanting to be picked up all the time (at 14.5 kilos that's simply not realistic anymore) and refusing to take 'no' for an answer. Picking up your baby isn't the only way to gain closeness. None of the other people holding her will have the bond that you have. Don't forget that. Because you can't pick her up whenever she asks, she will probably turn into strong-willed independent little thing!