Wednesday, 27 January 2010

There's a case going on at the moment in the States where a tetraplegic mother is splitting up with her partner and he is filing for custody of their kids because he is claiming she is an unfit mother due to her disability. I told my Mum about the case and her response was 'you're ok, you're married'. Thanks. Not I believe you ARE fit to be a mother. Anyway, is sensitive issue. Channel 5 asked me to appear in their newsclip, showing disabled mothers can be just as good as any other mother but I only got asked on Friday and they filmed Mon. Good job I backed out anyway as I have a stinking, horrible cough and cold.

I do have mixed emotions about being a disabled Mum. I am sooooo happy to be Amelie's Mum. She is soooo sweet and funny and beautiful and I am so proud of her and I love her with all my heart. But I have to hire people to help me with the physical things because I can't put her down or change her nappy or change her position when I'm holding her and she's squirming. Do these things make me an unfit mother?

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  1. Of course they bloody don't!!!! Unlike Max, Amelie is in the unfortunate position of having only one mother ;-) so she is certainly at a disadvantage there but the fact of the matter is, Amelie has only you. YOU are her mother. YOU are the only one who will ever be her mother. How can you be unfit for the job? I don't even see it as a question. If you didn't love her and weren't proud of her and wanted rid of her (well, there are always times when we want our kids to go away but I don't count those) then maybe you should ask yourself that question. You and your husband and your carers are the package that look after Amelie and she will love all of you in a way but the love for you? It's reserved for only you and there is NO competition.