Thursday, 25 March 2010

Life with baby

Husband and I constantly fighting, intimacy is a dark and distant memory. Both exhausted in different ways. Am super stunning at min with huge great cold sore and massive spot under nose. Joy. 9pm is late to bed for me at min. What kind of a life is that??

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  1. It isn't like that forever! It's just a phase. Seriously, it will get easier. You just have to try and go with the flow of the difficult phases. Try hard not to get stressed (easier said than done, I know) because Amelie will just pick up on it all and behave worse / be more clingy / sleep worse or whatever it is she is doing that is tiring you out. Are you an NCT member? Can you go to a group? My NCT group saved my life and sanity a million times in the early months. You need an outlet. Chin up.