Thursday, 4 March 2010

Quite a busy day today, well, last couple of days actually. Getting things sorted in the independence department. Fingers crossed, I will be totally fine to drive my van from my manual chair as from tomorrow which is great as I won't need anyone to help me transfer into my electric chair when I go out. Does mean am going to have to be more organised and take a spare battery with me when I go out as although my chair is manual, it uses assistive technology which helps me push. Must get out and about pushing all over the place to get my stamina up and try to stay ahead of Madam once she starts walking. Scary biscuits. So van main thing on agenda this week. Next week work should hopefully start on our drive so they can redo it and flatten it so I'll be able to get onto my tailift and into my van without any help. So by end of month, if all goes according to plan, I should be able to use the same chair all the time, let myself in and out of the house, get into my van and go out totally unaided, just like most 35 year olds do most days without thinking. Question is, whatever next...........?

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  1. Next? How about long suffering hugsband gets a rest?