Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Coming through!

Life has been quite productive the last few days. Just when I felt things were coming to a bit of a grinding halt, they seem to have turned around and in the last few days we have taken the plunge to get an automatic front door opener so I can get in and out the house without anyone having to open and shut the door for me, some work done on the drive, a new kitchen counter put up in our kitchen, my hair cut short and discovered new playgroups locally. Hurrah!

On the down side, I'm already getting fed up of the pushchair and being such a wide load everywhere we go makes me think we should always be accompanied by a police escort. I prefer to use the manual chair as I feel like I'm cheating really if I just whizz off in my electric. Maybe I should just stop giving myself such a hard time. Ian reminded me I bought a sling way back that I thought would be useful once she gets too big for the papousse. Am meant to be able to use it until she's 18 months. Hmmm. Am sceptical but will give it a go. Promise to report back one way or the other.

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