Thursday, 4 February 2010

Yet another grey, miserable winter's day. Yuk. I really do struggle to find real incentive to leave the house when it looks so bleak and uninviting ouside. Especially when getting out the door with a baby, a PA, me, a wheelchair, a pushchair or papousse, a changing bag, a baby car seat and all the other necessary paraphanalia is what I have to contend with each time I leave the house. Yet upon my return home, I almost always feel it's been worth the mission it involves. At least then I've got Amelie out, had a push about, we've all had some fresh air and a change of scene and I just feel much more positive and like the whole thing isn't some insurmountable feit.

I bought a new bath for Amelie the other week. I bought an inflatable bath before she was born as I knew I wouldn't be able to bath her in our bath as I wouldn't be able to reach down that far. In the end we didn't use it much as she just used to sit on my knee with me in my shower chair and I'd shower her like that. She loved it and so did I but she just got too big and too wriggly and I was scared she'd fall. So I had to think of another plan, had a good scout around online and came up with this baby bath that is meant for travelling with and can be flattened down after use so also no space is wasted. Hurrah. Good product all round. Means I can bath her by putting the bath on our dining room table so I can reach and still get that closeness. She seemed to like it too. So far, so good.....................

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