Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Personal Assistant not in today, she's come down with the germs which have inevitably been passed on to her by me, ian and Amelie but is a bit difficult to avoid such close contact in a job like hers. Scruff is thankfully between contracts at the moment so is here to help but he is also snotty and full of germs so we are not really much better off. Is also quite an in-your-face type reminder that I still need to sort out a cover person, like now.

Amelie also has bugs but seems to be holding up well and is mainly smiley still which is always a good sign. Am only taking her to 1 baby class/group a week at the minute as the place we used to go to for 'rhyme and sign' has been temporarily closed due to building work and so am looking for another free and interesting class which isn't in a rough and ready area but this, it seems, is a lot to ask.

Going out later to see a friend of mine and her little boy who is 5 months older than Amelie, hence 13 months to be precise. Be a chance for them to do that whole babies getting together sweet thing that they do aswell as just a chance to get out of the house and into another person's 4 walls for a change.

Nothing much more exciting to report, just a normal, run of the mill Tuesday really.

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