Sunday, 7 February 2010

Splish splosh

Getting a bit more to grips with the bathing thing now. Is good product but sides are higher than ideal so sitting in my chair bathing her on dining room table means I can't see to the bottom of the bath. But then I suppose it wasn't designed with tetraplegic motherhood in mind, surprise surprise! Maybe I should scout for wheelie friendly mummy stuff or perhaps get involved with designing products and bringing them to life. Although sadly I think demand may be rather too minimal. Or maybe a mouse click would be just the thing to surprise me into realising that there IS actually a much greater demand for all this stuff than I had pessimistically imagined. Hmmm. Food for thought.

The playing thing is hard work for me to get involved with too. I feel more like an onlooker than a participant. She's sitting up now and really starting to explore her environment which is fab but she plays mostly on the floor as it's the safest place. I get down there once in a blue moon when Scruff can lift me but I hate to ask because I HATE asking and I think it's really hard work for him. Sometimes we put her on a table but I get worried she'll fall and it means someone has to hold her just in case so it's not really the same. Will continue to rack brains in an endeavour to come up with some genius plan..........

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  1. She will really soon be crawling, cruising, climbing and getting up to your level. It will be an extra challenge for her (and then for you too) to reach Mummy in her chair. She won't stay on the floor and in one place for long. You'll have to get a really good disciplined Mummy voice that she pays attention to. I haven't mastered that one yet but the naughty step is a new addition which seems to work without us always physically putting Max there so should be fine for you too. I know it's hard work for you but it's exciting too isn't it? I feel sometimes as though I miss the good bits because I spend too much time worrying about the bad bits and the hard bits. I know the parts which are difficult for you are different but believe me, with or without wheelchair, there is plenty for a thinking Mum to worry about (eating, behaviour, confidence, hitting, biting, potties, mess, coordination.....etc.etc.)