Monday, 15 February 2010

Haven't written mainly as baby currently insomniac hence my severe lack of ability to string a coherent sentence together. I'm suffering and I'm not the one getting up to her in the night. I joke and tell people that I may as well milk the advantages of being paralyzed as not getting up in the night and pretty excellent free parking is as good as it gets but sometimes when i look at my husband's presently wisened face, I wonder whether it wouldn't just be easier to share duties.

Due to their lack of oral communication, sometimes it's pretty near impossible to work out what's wrong with the devils-babies not husbands, although...... Of course, the omnipresent list of baby issues immediately springs to mind in troubled times but even then after the process of elimination has proven unsuccessful and you have tried everything in the book and then some, you have to remind yourself that you're not a bad parent and that parents the world over encounter very similar problems and emotions all the time.

Let's hope tonight is less disturbed. Am hoping that the fact she seems to have eaten so well today will contribute to a good night's sleep for all. Fingers crossed.


  1. Max didn't sleep through consistently until he was about 8 months. I guess that is around what Amelie is now. Be patient, she will find her groove. She is only crying for your attention and because she is frustrated that she can't properly get herself back to sleep. Could also be teeth. It's always teeth really. From about 6 months until about 3. Don't worry, it will get better. Having said that, Max has started to ask once a night to come into 'Mummy's bed'. I tell him it isn't possible and he goes back to sleep after a quick cuddle. Phases that come and go....

  2. I've had some insomniac baby nights too recently... :-(