Monday, 1 February 2010

My heart was jumping for joy this afternoon as I was chopping mushrooms for a risotto for tomorrow lunch as I awaited the return of my little girl. I had such a lovely time just hanging out with my gorgeous husband but was itching to see Amelie by lunch time today. As I watched my parents car pull up infront of our house, all I wanted to do was run outside, take her out of her car seat, fling her up in the air and give her the hugest, bestest hug, the kind that only a Mum can give to her child. Scruff thinks I need to learn patience yet unfortunately my spontaneity is somewhat crushed as a result of my injury and things have to be done in a much more methodical and slow manner than I would intrinsically like. Sometimes I don't think he realises how much of the art of patience I have had to master just so as not to have driven myself completely insane by now.

Anyway, she is back home and I think I love her more now than when she went away.

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  1. Hi Mum on Wheels,

    My name is Laura and my email is

    I am an intermittent wheelchair user - who at the moment can't get out the house without assistance. I am looking for fellow women to get to know who understand the huge adjustments needed when adapting to a new way of living, and who 'get' the whole relying on other people makes you sigh, thing. DH and I TTC at the moment, and in difficult position of fighting for support not knowing if their will be a child to support. Was a part time child care worker, and now am unable to do so.

    Have had one day out with neice, in chair - it involved a lot of voice control, and difficulty maintaining confidence levels as reliant on being pushed to keep up with her. If you're able, drop me a line, if you think we could be useful support to each other.

    If you haven't already - the disabled parent's network is a fab website to join, and the Ouch website (run by BBC), is a great forum to be involved with. You are not alone. Grieving for the mum you thought you'd be is normal - so is growing into the role of the mum you are, and knowing you are doing well.

    Off to do boring, when exactly do I get a social worker phone calls.