Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Sometimes overcoming problems in life is just about thinking outside the box. We all know this, yet sometimes we still fail to employ this manner of thinking when faced with a problem we have a mental block about.

Today I found a way to play properly with my little girl for the first time. Just me and her. It was soooo special and I think we both felt really happy. She was all smiles and laughter and really didn't need her dummy at all. And all I did was plonk her on the sofa on top of a cushion and I sat infront of her to one side and that was enough to be able to interact and play with her properly. For ages now when I saw her playing on the floor I'd just busy myself with other stuff and come and see her periodically as it was the only way I felt i could have some input yet still keep sane about feeling inadequate about another area of my baby'sife where I couldn't really meet her needs independent of the help of others. So what if her playing position is somewhat unconventional, it's much more important that we learn how to have as much fun as possible together as mummy and baby!

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  1. Can you do this at bedtime with her on the bed too? That would be even more intimate and you should make the most of it before she starts to crawl away from you. You could make your bed into a bit of a playground. Is she in a high-chair? I guess so - playtime with books at the table, and later with crayons and felt-tips and stickers and everything must be something you can do a lot with her too, if not now, then soon. Don't know if you do bedtime stories yet but that's something which you could also definitely do all on your own with her. Sorry if you have already had all these ideas. I have no clue about disability so you can educate me!