Saturday, 6 February 2010

Out and about

Was sooo nice to get out in fresh air today. Dunham Massey was packed full of people with black labs and kids on scooters.

Opted for pram today instead of papousse. The latter getting a bit uncomfortable as she becomes increasingly more lardy. Bless. She currently has the legs of a mini sumo wrestler. Lets hope she grows out of them.

Am going to do some research into prams you can attach to the front of a wheelchair. That way I can push her round too. Really depends on amount required to be invested etc and if they've managed to come up with anything better than those supermarket trolley attachment things that the whole of the able bodied world think are such a brilliant creation until you try to turn a corner, wheelchair behind trolley thing and instead of turning inconspicuously down into the cheese section, you end up crashing headlong into the fish counter.

Will report back if anything worth writing up on.

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